Whispers of Faith

Reflections on a Sunday Morning

[Written on Sunday morning just after the service was over …]

The rain continues to patter outside the window, streaking the glass and coating the leaves and flowers without. A cool breeze drits in every now and then through the open window – the sky is calm and clear. This is what I want most in life … this feeling from the soothing song of the piano and the rushing sound of the rain … it brings such peace, such calm, such reassurance of my place in Christ and His love for me. I don’t ever want my life to become so busy that this is lost – my secret communings with Christ – His whisper to my heart and the reflections that come upon His promises and my future in Him. This is what gives me the strength to go forward and live for Him.

Seize the moment … treasure it. There will never be another exactly like this one. May this be the basis of your future wherever it takes you. His promises of love never change. May you take time to reflect on them no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going in life. Find a place of solitude and refuge and come to Jesus with an open heart – let Him speak to you and respond quietly in submission.

Whatever You want me to do, my Lord, I’m here for You …
This life is not about me – it’s about bringing glory to You.

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