These Summer Days

Ahh, the beauty of these golden days … silly me, who has claimed to hate summer, and love only spring and fall, has discovered that the optimist in me finds something to love and delight in in every season. I wouldn’t trade these luscious mornings for anything … mornings sweet with the freshness and dew of dawn, filled with innocent and airy newness … the buttery light of sunrise pouring over every treetop and rooftop of our cozy neighborhood, holding such delightful promises for the day ahead.

And the days themselves – once scorned for their heat – even they hold such promise of fun and activity (now that I’ve gained an appreciation for water sports! :). Whether it be spending those days in the lively atmosphere of kids’ camps, making jam with my mama, lazily studying away at my astronomy and Keats, reading my Anne books with a popsicle in hand, going for midnight rides with my friends to the tune of Italian rap ;), going to the lake for kayaking and swimming, watching movies with my brother and sister, taking baby Theo to the park, cuddling in the hammock with niece Lily, or making other glorious plans such as breakfast & a pedicure, dinner at Tomato Street, or camping with one of my most favorite families in the whole world, this summer is to be jam-packed with “summery” activities galore – to be enjoyed as never before, while I can. Each season has their activities of choice – but summer activities were meant to make you feel alive and full of love for life. Even if it’s just a relaxing evening at home with your family – it’s the reveling in each passing moment as your own that counts. Make it count – and love summer for what it is – a time of freedom and joy.

4 thoughts on “These Summer Days

  1. Mmmmm…beautifully put, Lydia! I, too, am soooo enjoying summer and looking forward to the rest of it! šŸ™‚


  2. Oh, how I agree, and our summer is also turning out to be jam-packed with wonderful, fun, summery activities. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to blog about it later….after I finish attacking all the weeds that have flourished in my yard!


  3. I too find things to enjoy in every season, even if I declare that I hate winter or summer. I don't, I just get tired of them, but there are some things that are never better than at those times. Thanks for the reminder! Although this summer here in western WA doesn't feel very summery. Beautiful weather (for me)-I love it! And, I think you've lost your English spelling habits darling? What's going on? You need to write “cosy” neighborhood! lol! I met a man from England today and thought of you!


  4. Hee-hee, that's true Valerie! I'm forgetting all I learned about spelling while in England!! šŸ˜‰ Aww, I love meeting people from England; I feel so “connected” to them somehow. šŸ˜€


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