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This Winding Path I Tread

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s already been two months since I posted to my blog last! Me, who vowed to be more consistent in her writing and update more frequently … well, dozens of blog post ideas have definitely come to mind over the past couple months; I just never took the time to pause and pound them away …

And now, it’s the beginning of October. My whirlwind Labor Day weekend vacation of Seattle adventures and wedding activities galore is a thing of the past … I’m already settling into week 3 of the school routine … the cold air has come to stay, carrying sicknesses along with it, and the promise of a joyful, beautiful fall season. I’ve a new computer on which to type, new goals set to accomplish, and finally the realization of one long-held goal in accomplishing my higher education.

Yes, once again, I can claim the title of “college student” – a thing which to me has always been a venerable position to hold, at least for those in my age bracket. To be actively pursuing knowledge – to sit in classrooms and banter with the professor (though I generally listen more than banter!) – to walk across campus with the leaves scuffling underfoot – to meet new people and exchange new ideas – to while away the late-night hour scouring your textbooks – to “cram” for tests, and claim that age-old excuse “I have to go write a paper” – to have your mind filled with due dates, deadlines, and class schedules … I embrace it all whole-heartedly and love every minute that I am a part of it. Yes, there are days and nights of complete & utter exhaustion … moments of extreme irritation and frustration … sometimes a tiredness of the busy, hectic lifestyle – but it is ever so rewarding when you look at that transcript or grade report, and see what you have accomplished. Of course, life can’t be measured by such bits of paper, but it does bring a sense of satisfaction when you realize what you have learned and mastered over the course of a few years.

I only hope that in my pursuit of such an education, I don’t forget the other important things that make life so beautiful. The things such as learning to cook and clean … learning to serve others and be involved at church … learning to set aside time for taking pictures, reading books, singing songs, writing and writing some more, scrapbooking life present and past, and exercising. These are the things that help me to enjoy life – to really enjoy each fleeting moment for what it is, and not just hurry on through always looking for the next step. And I hope that I can use this blog as an accountability method for that as well. That in all my busy hurry-scurry called school, I can stop here to make mention of the pretty things happening in life … to remind myself that there’s a bigger world out there beyond me, and to record progress in goals, big and little.

Sooooo here we go! Here’s to celebrating life together … may we learn to love the adventure step by step …

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