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Stronger Every Step I Take …

Through the bugs and the noise of Assembly Street traffic on my left … with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song carrying me through, and the rush of the river racing me on my right … I made it. I finally ran for 30 minutes – yes, this girl, who at the beginning of the year could not even run for 5 minutes.

Those of you marathon runners out there may see this as a small thing, to only run for 3 miles, but for me, it is an accomplishment that has been long in the making. My running grew inconsistent throughout the summer, so I should have accomplished this a long time ago, but now that I’ve picked it up again, I’m so proud that I could achieve a 30-minute run (with a 5-minute walk break in the middle). Maybe someday, I’ll achieve 5 miles or maybe even 7 or 8 miles, but for now, I’m content with my 3 miles, and I’ll just continue to build it up day by day, one step at a time, like I did to get to this point. I may not lose any weight doing it 😦 … but it sure does make me feel better and stronger when I’m done! Praise God for giving me strength and endurance … now if only I could get rid of these bugs!!!

6 thoughts on “Stronger Every Step I Take …

  1. That's awesome Lyddie! You've even come a long way since September when you and I went on a jog (well…maybe we can't even call it that…we made too many stops! Lol) Anyways, I think that's awesome that you are running! I can't say that same about me =)


  2. That is in no way something to look down on–three miles is a very good run!! I finally ran again today, my three-mile course, and I walked the last few minutes. Way to go Lydia!! We should go running together when you live here. 🙂


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