Owlish Contemplations

"Watchin’ the Washin’"

On a cool autumn night not so long ago, when Mama had come home from work early and decided to do her laundry at our house, I captured these pictures of a little boy eagerly “watchin the washin” to see when his favourite clothes would be clean so that he could wear them again.

Hands clasped in eager anticipation, he never tired of watching the clothes spin around and around inside the washing machine, trying to catch sight of his own clothes within.

“Ooo! That’s my shirt!” he would tell me as he saw his favorite “open shirt” go by. “That’s Mama’s,” he would say about another article of clothing that was less fascinating …

With excitement in his eyes, and hands folded tightly, he knew naught that for most folks, it is a dull thing to watch the clothes washing. No, he knew better. He knew what was about to come … and that the process is just as important as the outcome.

“With just a little help from my mental forces, that is!” Nothing would stop this boy from abandoning his post … not until his clothes were clean and he could wear them again!

The washing … something so simple that we take for granted every day. While we stuff clothes into the washing machine without even thinking about it, this becomes to one child an event of monumental proportion – worthy of half an hour’s watch and wait time. For to a child, everything is new – everything is fascinating – and everything is to be taken in with wide-eyed wonder and amazement.

Can we then not pause for one or two minutes to do the same? To view the world as we did as a child? Where every day was a new adventure, every walk through the neighborhood a chance for exploration and discovery, every experience savored to the fullest with all of our senses fully on? Let’s leave behind the drabness and routine that we have become accustomed to as adults, where we go through life barely noticing our surroundings because we’re so eager to get to the next thing. Let us strip away our familiarity with life, and put on the eyes of a child … thanking God for the small things in life, and taking time to smile over the simplest of tasks – for each one is a gift from God. How beautiful is life when we savor every moment that comes our way for what it is and anticipate with great excitement that which is yet to come.

2 thoughts on “"Watchin’ the Washin’"

  1. Oh, Lydia! This post really made my day. The pictures and story are absolutely priceless, so priceless, that I am going to print this out to keep as a beautiful memory and reminder. Thank you for such a touching post!


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