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A Heart Full of Thanks

As a naturally optimistic person … I can usually always find something to be happy and thankful about. I always seem to have a million and one things to love in life … but you can never say thank you enough, I think – and so, it only seems fitting that this week, I should re-iterate a few of my thanks to God for the gifts that He has given me.

~ The ability to be onstage, and communicate through drama the song of my soul

~ A child’s laughter in our home

~ The gift of memory … and all the smiles it brings when we look back on favorite times in our lives

~ Friends who give us just exactly the words that we need to hear at the right time

~ The promise and hope of heaven and the New Earth and all that it holds in store for us

~ Freedom … freedom from sin, and freedom to live for Christ through the Holy Spirit

~Music … and the soothing balm that it is for the heart

~ Christmas decorations 🙂

~ A sister who brings me home Lava Cake and sits and talks with me late into the night … a brother who sits down to watch “The Office” with me … and so many other sisters who call up to chat about life and inspire me and spur me on to be a better person

~ A daddy who takes care of my car for me so that I never have to worry about it

~ A beautiful city like Spokane to live in

~ Birthdays :]

~ Warm pajama pants

~ Friends … near and far who are always there for you no matter what

~ The promises of Scripture

~ Good health … in both body and mind


~ Amazing worship songs that draw me closer to my Saviour

~ My mama who makes me delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

~ Piano music

~ Exciting plans for the future … and fun parties to plan and be a part of

~ My most amazing job which I love so very much

~ Being able to accomplish goals

~ Being a child of God … a daughter of the King … a possession of the Lord Almighty … and being able to commune with Him every minute of every day. He is so good to me … this undeserving wretch. Praise be to His name.

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