a novelist's dabblings

My Fairy-Tale Run

It was an evening that begged to be lived in out-of-doors … a night that beckoned you to dance through it in all of its splendor and mystique. I could not ignore the pull of the airy spring-time breezes and fading sunlight, so I finished up my online quiz as quickly as possible, pulled on my running shoes, and stepped out into a world of delight.

Poetry seemed to live before my very eyes tonight as I ran through the spring evening all prepped and ready to dance and sing for joy because of the new life coursing through its veins. And as I fairly skipped along my well-trodden path, I began to see the world through different eyes – and I think I caught a glimpse of what heaven will be like someday on the great day of our marriage to our King. Because we will all be the immaculate bride of our Lover King Jesus, the trees themselves will be the bridesmaids in attendance, holding forth their bouquets of airy and delicate blooms … bells will chime in exuberance and triumph, and the birds will provide the wedding music – singing forth with all their might to celebrate the greatest marriage of all time. The sky will paint itself with myriads of colors as the covering tapestry to the wedding chapel … and then we will all partake in the great marriage feast of the Lamb. It was the most beautiful picture in my mind, and everywhere I looked, a new image came to mind of all God’s creation joining in manifold praise to Him alone.

The piles of clouds in the sky were lit with the mystical pink glow of the fading sun – it was an angel’s playground … and on the earth below, the trees were clothed with garments of pink and white blossoms like a young girl’s cloak flung about her on a summer’s eve. All earth was drinking deeply from the goblet of joy, and spinning forth their praises to God their King. This was a night meant for living out of doors and listening to all the whispers of the wind that came tickling in to your ear.

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