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The Choice Is Yours …

Life, I’m coming to find out, is all a series of disciplines. Discipline to say no to eating certain things, even when they’re right in front of you. Discipline to exercise even you’d rather be doing a hundred other things. Discipline to focus and get your school assignments done. Discipline to not say certain things when oh-so-tempted to. Discipline to pray and read God’s Word, even when you feel like you’ve done it all before. Discipline to keep practicing your voice exercises, even when it feels like no progress is being made. Discipline to spend your money wisely and not more than you have … Discipline to actually sit still and read for awhile. Discipline to stop putting things off and simply DO them.

Discipline is a choice. And usually it’s a choice to do something when you least feel like doing it right when you need to the most. It’s being committed to something that’s bigger than you and beyond your current emotions or feelings. Sometimes it’s doing the exact opposite of what you’re inclined to do … and sometimes, it’s the hardest thing in the world to act upon. It’s all about changing your lazy, “I don’t really care” attitude into a stricter, higher-bound attitude that transcends what is easy and acceptable. And though it might take a long time to show results (if ever sometimes), it’s completely worth it in the end to stick with it. And no matter what, you’ll feel better about following what you knew was right and honoring God by saying “no” to ungodly lusts and passions. Oh Father, please keep me strong to the end, for I can’t do this on my own.

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