Life Chronicles

So Long Old Pal …

Do you ever get attached to things … perhaps unimportant things … just because of all the memories they bring with them? Well so it is with my dear black JanSport backpack – which has served me faithfully over the past 8 years. Together we have been through all the ups & downs of high school … the beginnings of college … a trip to England … a trip to San Diego & Disneyland … every single trip to Bellingham …

It has gone with me onstage, on roller coasters, on subways and multiple airplanes … accompanied me to every sleepover … graciously held everything from wet swimsuits to heavy texbooks to pink candy hearts … and spent most of its time either stuffed in my closet or residing in that cozy corner of my room betwixt the closet door and the bedroom door.

It’s sturdy. Made to last. Made to endure all the pummeling of life that comes from one busy, on-the-go, and always-seeking-adventure girl. And every single pocket had a purpose and was used! I couldn’t ask for a more reliable traveling companion.

But now … it’s time to say adieu. Sturdy as little JanSport is, all good things eventually wear out – and with the bottom lining coming out in flakes, I figured it was time to move on.

So now there is a new black backpack taking up space in my room. It seems a little big at the moment. Rather stiff, with pockets unfamiliar and not as friendly as old JanSport’s were. It’s hard to let go and accept the new.

Because when I look at the old, I don’t see just a generic black backpack with a maroon logo smack in the middle. I see lunchtimes in high school in the commons. I see standing in line at Disneyland. I see a friend’s room at one of our multiple sleepovers. I see a laptop & journals peeking out of it in a room at Capernwray. I see late nights studying and wet jaunts across a college campus in the fall. I see a cross-state bus trip at midnight. Millions of memories are wound up within its fibers and zippers and fabric … that have accumulated over time and which no one else owns but me. Memories which the new backpack has no part in.

A silly thing, really. Saying good-bye to a backpack? Goodness, girl, just toss it out in the garbage and clear out your room! Forget the sentimental sap. Maybe that’s what I need to do … and stop my nostalgia before it takes me too far! But just for a moment, I will linger at that trusty black bag and smile at all the memories that come with it. May I never forget them … and may new Mr. EastSport bring just as many memories of his own!

Here’s to a great new school year!

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