Pandora's Box

She Believed in Happy Endings

I will always be a happy ending girl. I will always believe that no matter how many bad things happen in life, there’s a bit of sunshine hiding behind every cloud.

I’m not naive enough to believe that there will never be trouble in life, and that it hurts. A lot.

But I do know that I have a God who is bigger than all the hurt in the world. And He is the perfect Author … the one who imagined happy endings. I know that is His ultimate purpose, and the faith in this gives me joy beyond what this world has to offer. With His pen writing my story, I never have to fear how the book will end. I certainly don’t know the details of the ending, but I do know it ends in perfect joy.

So a dreamer I will always be … refusing to believe that the cup is half-empty … refusing to give in to the lies of this world that this is as good as it will get. I know that dreams can come true, that joy can come when we least expect it, and that God’s way of telling the story is so much better than my own.

He’s whispered it to my soul, and I have every reason to believe my Papa who’s never failed me yet.

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