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24 Golden Years

Twenty-four. Another age comes upon me, and once again I’m filled with the wonder and anticipation of another year of potential ahead of me. What will this year be trademarked by, I wonder? Years from now when I look back on age 24, what will I say when I recall, “Oh, that was the year that ____________”? I desire to live so on purpose that each year has that distinction to it – that they don’t end up in the drawer of forgetfulness and unimportance. My goal truly is to “Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it’s worth remembering.” I don’t want my expectations of certain life events to take away the beauty and surprise of what actually happens.

Twenty-four. Speaking of expectations, each age that comes upon me is so vastly different from what I thought it would be like when I was younger. I’ve come to see that I really don’t feel any different on the inside even though the numbers of my age climb further and further from my birth year. I guess it really is true that we are always the same age on the inside. Age is just a number. With which society tries to classify us. But I refuse to be “classified” as a statistic. I hope and pray that I never become a conventional, common-place, run-of-the-mill twenty-four year old. I hope my life defies conventions and sparkles joy and excitement in the every-day and ordinary.

Twenty-four. It sounds like the perfect age. And I intend to start off this exciting year ahead of me – 2012 (which, if you’ll notice, 12 doubled is 24 … so I intend to double the fun and experiences of this year! 🙂 – with a reflection back on these last 24 years of life given to me. Suggested by my dear mother, who happened to also note that there are 24 days between my birthday and the birthday of our Savior, each day between now and Christmas, I will post something that I’m thankful for from that corresponding year of my life. Most likely I’ll include a few memories, too, and maybe some pictures, but overall, I want to give sufficient thanks for each precious year that God has given me up to now. I invite you to join me on this journey of self-reflection, and maybe you too will find things to be thankful for in this beautiful thing we call LIFE.

One thought on “24 Golden Years

  1. Tis true, Lydia, that age is merely a number with which society attempts to classify us. I have come to the realization that there are people in their fifties who act like immature fourteen year olds. There are people in their twenties who look like they are in their thirties (which is why I card anyone who looks under the age of forty!). There are people who are in their twenties who have experienced SO much in life that their outlook and demeanor is of someone in their forties.

    Maybe one could classify people as children, young adults (which could range anywhere from thirteen to forty-five), adults (which could range from sixteen to eighty-five), and the wise ones (which could range from thirty-three to one hundred twenty).

    I myself feel as though I have experienced an epiphany. It's as though I'm just beginning to truly live, that the rest of my life was merely a training ground for this moment. Right now I can say that being almost thirty-eight is the BEST age I have ever experienced. 🙂


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