The Second Year – Last Year of the 80’s

1988-1989 – Year Two.

Still no actual memories of my own occurring yet … but today, I am thankful that I was born in the 80’s. I’m glad that I didn’t “grow up” in the 80’s [although appreciation for blue eyeshadow, tall hair and the like was given to me by older sisters!], but I’m glad that I can lay some claim to this outrageous decade by living two years of it! 😀

The days of Ronald Reagan … stirrup pants … scrunchies … side ponytails … Cabbage Patch dolls and Mickey Mouse sunglasses (oh, I was a stylin’ two-year old, let me tell you!) – these were the formative years of my childhood, and I smile when people talk of the 80’s, knowing I don’t really know what they’re talking about, but I can pretend like I do, because I lived two years of that decade! And I also had sisters to pass along the stories, too. :]

Oh the eighties. You young people thinking that you’re so innovative with your fashion these days … I saw it for myself the first time around – just two decades ago! So if it took me awhile to embrace skinny jeans – there was still some misgivings left over from childhood bad aftertastes …

I’m glad that my growing up years were in a different decade. But I am also glad that my birth year allowed me claim to a small part of another history-making decade. 🙂

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