The Fourth Year-Hello Northwest

1990-1991 – Lydia’s Year Four

Hello Northwest, land that housed almost all of my growing up years, and which I now call home.

Good-bye California, land of my birth and events outside of my memory.

Hello memories beginning and the world looking big through little eyes.

Good-bye toddlerhood.

Hello little town in farm country.

Good-bye little town on the desert.

Hello oldest sister getting married.

Good-bye eight-member family living in one house.

Hello Naphtali, friend for life, and our meeting at ages one and four.

Good-bye little kid in Mama’s daycare that bit me.

Thank you, God, for the two-story house on the edge of town with rolling hills in our backyard.

Thank you, God, for the discovery of snow. And cows.

Thank you, God, for bringing us to the most beautiful part of the US – where I know no other place as “home.”

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