The Sixth Year – An Auntie She Became

1992-1993 – Sixth Year of Life

I remember the baby shower. I remember all of us making little baby quilts for him. I remember – vaguely – the snowy January night he was born. I remember helping my oldest sister take care of baby in their tiny little abode. I remember getting to hold him. And with Javier’s birth, I barely remember a time when I was NOT an aunt! Since that day almost nineteen years ago, I’ve been blessed with 8 wonderful nephews and 2 beautiful nieces … and aunthood is a position for which I am extremely grateful. It gave me “almost brothers” to play with in my childhood, babies to love on, babysitting jobs galore, and so very much joy to fill our lives with. For so many years, we’ve had a baby come almost every two years … there’s never been a lack of little fingers & toes, snuggles, baby toys, and small clothes to pass around. I know that this is partly why I’m set on lots of little babies of my own someday … I just can’t imagine life without their joyous presence! I’ve told my mom more than once, “Don’t worry … you’re not done having grandkids yet – I haven’t even begun!”

And now that first nephew … born so many years ago with a mass of dark hair and tiny curled fists … now stands tall and straight as a Marine, and I catch my breath to realize just how we’ve all grown. We’re not quite so little anymore … but I’m so grateful that God keeps bringing the little ones into our lives. For each one of the ten, I count my blessings, and thank God that I get to be auntie to them … or “Tia” as the case may be. And I hope there might be just a few more in store. :]

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