The Seventh, Eighth, & Ninth Years-Life in a Small Town

1993-94: Seventh Year-Year of Bonnets & Dresses

1994-95: Eighth Year-Year of the Baby Brother Being Born

1995-96: Ninth Year-Year of Camp and American Girl dolls

Say what you will about small towns … I was little myself, so I didn’t mind. In fact, I thought it was the greatest thing ever. 🙂 Being 6, 7, and 8 in a town of only 500 people didn’t bother me in the least … my imagination supplied more than enough people of my own! 😀

Seventh birthday (1994) – yes, I was the one who never wanted to wear pants, who wore bonnets and dresses with great delight, and who wanted more than anything to live in “the old-fashioned days.” I’m thankful that I had a mama who allowed me to gleefully use my imagination, even if I’m slightly embarrassed about my fashion trends looking back!

And then right there in 1995, we had a surprise addition to the family – a little brother after six girls! All the while my mother was pregnant, I was firmly convinced she was going to have a girl. I wanted a little sister after all! But then along came Daniel, and I couldn’t be more grateful. What would life be like without my dear little [taller than me] brother, who photographs, plays the guitar, skateboards, is sometimes aggravating ;), watches the Office with me, and is all-around plain awesome? He’s one of a kind, and I love him all to pieces … my twinsie in so many ways.

And for year 9 … I remember going to Camp Alacca that summer all on my own, and experiencing the joys of overnight camp. I remember saving up all my money to buy my very own Samantha doll … and I remember reading every spare moment I got. I’m so thankful for parents who encouraged me to have independence, and who taught me the importance of responsibility and reading … traits that remain with me to this day.

Ohhh it was a great childhood! Filled with fancies, long summer days, dollies, books, and family memories … I couldn’t be more thankful for those Deary Days.

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