The Fourteenth Year – It All Changed That Year

2000-01: Year #14

Out of all the years of my life, this is one of them that held the most change in it. The one that brought a lot of growing up. It was tough, but it was good for me, and God taught me so much that year.

I’m so thankful that this year we moved down to California for fourteen months. I really am … despite everything else. I’m thankful for the culture that it opened my eyes to. I’m thankful that it showed us just how grateful we should be for the Northwest! 😀 I’m thankful for the opportunity down there to attend a Christian school my freshman year, for it prepared me for public school the next year after so many years of being homeschooled.

I truly am grateful for Valley High School. For being a cheerleader there … for being on the Varsity basketball team and attempting to play basketball (who would have ever believed it of me??) … for the friends that I made there … for the heartaches I went through there and learned so much from … for Wednesday chapel … for notes that we wrote to each other … for football and baseball games attended … for teachers that cared for me … for all the songs we listened to down there that will always and forever signify California to me … for trips to the ocean not-so-far-away … for growing up and becoming a little more mature. 🙂

I’m thankful that through it all, Jesus stayed close to my side and made me stronger in Him – what love He showed (and still does show) to this child!

I’m thankful that this was just one stage of my life.

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