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The Twenty-First Year-Beautiful British Bible School

2007-08: Year 21 of Life

Capernwray Bible School: “Where God changes lives” … I am SO incredibly thankful that God brought me here to this idyllic setting to change my life. And because I feel like I often talk this all-too-favorite subject of mine to death, I’ll just list a few things I’m thankful for from this experience (if you want to read more from those days, just go back to the beginning of this blog … that’s what it was originally started for – to keep friends & family updated of adventures at Capernwray):

… thankful for the “college dorm” experience I’d always longed for.

… thankful for star-gazing at midnight in a sheep pasture with my two best friends there.

… thankful for digestive cookies & a room right beneath the Conference Hall so I could slip down there for a snack in between lectures. :]

… thankful for a travel weekend to Scotland.

… thankful that God didn’t give me everything that I wanted – and that I learned that His power is all-sufficient no matter how I’m feeling.

… thankful for girls named Karli, Jenna, Lauren, Kristine, and Hailley Jo … girls that blessed my life then and still bless my life now because of our shared experience in England.

… thankful for Prayer Day … and Jesus drawing my heart closer to Him – my dross to melt away and my gold to refine.

… thankful for worship with my fellow students.

… thankful for game nights in the Lounge.

… thankful for piano music, so soothing to the soul.

… thankful for the sense of independence it gave me to be out on my own and make my own decisions.

… thankful that my job allowed me to leave for 2 months and that they took me back when I returned!

… thankful that I realized through the whole experience more and more of who God made me to be.

… thankful that I got to live in England for two months – a dream come true – and that God met me in new and exciting ways … not with crashes of thunder and billows of smoke, but in that still, small voice that whispered to me again and again throughout my days of being there.

… so very thankful for Torchbearers International. Thank you for training us to be more like Christ.

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