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2011 – A Year in Pictures

Just a few of my favorite pictures, summing up this year …

January 2011

Date with my dear niece downtown on a chilly January day … I love dressing up with her. 🙂

February 2011

CYT’s Fourth Annual Valentine’s Party … my favorite way to celebrate=dancing.

March 2011

One of the best days all year: Unplanned Day with Nick & Brittany. So many wonderful memories …

And dear Beth at her going-away party … I’m so blessed by her friendship, inspiration, and love!

April 2011

Apparently nothing spectacular happened in the month of April … due to my lack of pictures from that month!

May 2011

Being in a Flash Mob for the very first time … THAT was quite an experience! Bringing along with it the introduction of Synchronized Laughing! 😀

June 2011

There’s nothing quite like a best friendship that lasts so long over time … and the adventures that we come up with. I love you, Kelsey Ruth, and I’m so glad that you got to come visit me this year!

Milestone in Lydia’s Life: Graduating with her AA degree from the community college.

July 2011

Making Nutella Pizza with friends … summer goal accomplished right there – SO delicious!

HYPE Summer Retreat & Conference 2011 – amazing. So much symbolism this summer … especially with daisies and feet/shoes. “All you need is a Bible & a pair of shoes” – one of the most important things I learned this summer.

Life Goal also accomplished this summer: Time Capsule with friends!

Summer Camps … love these people that I get to work with. This picture is from a day that I need to always remember … that God is sovereign and always in control.

August 2011

God’s beautiful handiwork in Russia … I was overwhelmed by such awe of our Maker on this trip and thankful for all the amazing friendships formed on it as well!

And then to be overwhelmed with gifts and blessings at the end of Show in a Week! My friends are so dear and good to me …

September 2011

Dancing in the rain … such a spontaneous way to end summer. 🙂

End of the summer scavenger hunt with Miss Emily … I love this girl and the creativity that she challenges me with!

October 2011

HYPE’s Masquerade Ball … how I love dressing up! And how I love that bunch of beautiful kids.

November 2011

On the first day of November, I asked myself [and my friends], “What could I do to make November more exciting?” The answer? Noteworthy November. What a great time making 30 notes for 30 different people in my life was!

And let’s not forget Thanksgiving and trying my hand at a delicious new dessert!

December 2011

My Herd that I walked to class with every morning at Eastern this fall … what good times the four of us shared together! It made my entrance into “real” university the best experience ever.

HYPE Winter Retreat 2011 … such a wonderful time away with kids that I love

Encore, Encore 2011 – the perfect CYT year-end celebration … and I loved getting to celebrate with Maggie dearest.

2011, despite its ups and downs, filled my heart with so many dear memories. I cherish them all, and I look forward, with great anticipation, to all the memories just waiting to be made in 2012. May God ever be glorified with these years of my life as I seek His will day by day.

3 thoughts on “2011 – A Year in Pictures

  1. I love and miss you, too, Kels dearest!!

    Abbie, the dessert I made for Thanksgiving was a pear tart (actually called “Pear Frangipane”) … I'd never made a dessert with pears before, but it turned out delicious! :]


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