a novelist's dabblings

The Words He Says

He calls her pretty on the days she decides to curl her hair and put a flower in it, and her outfit is her favorite combination of black-and-white.

He calls her cute on the days she wears a sun-dress and a ribbon in her hair and life is carefree and filled with innocence.

He calls her gorgeous on the special occasions when she has to dress up in a formal, with hair pinned up and heels on and make-up spotlessly in place.

But he calls her beautiful when she’s least aware of it … when her head is tipped back and laughter spills out of her … when her eyes are sparkling with the fire of that passion she loves the most … when she’s quiet and gazes at him intently, and her love for him is overflowing. For her true beauty lies within her soul – and only he has permission to the full access of it.

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