Whispers of Faith

March’s Messiah

It’s the month of March. The month of preparation for Easter. What many celebrate as Lent. The month in which the Messiah spent his last physical days on Earth.

It’s a blustery month … a month of ever-changing weather – now sunshine-filled, now dropping snowflakes in a blustery protest. Rather like my heart, it seems.

And I wonder, wonder, wonder … pray so hard, look for something which I can give up for Lent … something that I can fast from to draw my focus more to the Messiah. I consider this and that … I know it’s late, Lent has already begun, but I’m sure I could jump in and still give something up for the remainder of the days. I want desperately to draw closer to my Messiah, and I’m sure that it will come through the outward manifestation of giving something physical up.

And then I look at my calendar. March’s word is: vessel. So simple and unassuming, the picture of those empty pots on my calendar page, and suddenly, the Messiah’s whisper to me comes clear and strong.

Not this time, child. This time, it’s not up to you to do something for me. Let Me fill you … like a vessel. That’s what they were made for … to be filled, so they could be poured out for My use. Just sit at my feet – receive all of Me – and bask in My presence.

It’s that simple … give up everything else that I want to cling to so tightly in place of my Messiah. Allow Him to empty me of those things so that I can be filled instead with Him. A month of just focusing on Who He is … lingering long at His Word … savoring the Scriptures as they get memorized … abandoning myself to prayer when other cares threaten to take over. This is all He wants – my heart, wrapped up in His … nothing else matters.

Give me Jesus
Give me Jesus
You can have all this world
But give me Jesus.

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