Pandora's Box

Tribute to the Quote Book

Edges browned and corners rounded smooth … frayed purple ribbon peeking from the center … elastic band holding this little booklet of inspiration and joy together – it’s just the right size to carry with me everywhere, and I do – because you never know when something will need to be written down! I’ve become known as the collector of quotes – and I love them in all shapes and sizes … from the short to the long … from secret quotes to epic quotes … from lost quotes to “quarries” (quote stories) – there’s room for any kind in my dear Quote Book.

This little journal, covered in a map of Europe is actually QB II – a follower of the first Quote Book, which now resides in an honored spot on my desk. Originally begun on our first HYPE Conference trip to San Diego, the “Quote Book” has become a catch-all for quotes from conversations; profound quotes found in books, online, on calendars, in a store; bursts of inspiration; “golden moments” of the day; or little whispers from God. It is a source of entertainment when I’m bored/lonely, a source of much laughter when “quote-gleaning/recording,” and sometimes a source of controversy as people fight for their status in the Quote Book!

I’m not sure what kind of status is bestowed on people when they get quotes in the Quote Book – and I’m still trying to figure out why the celebrations when one receives “their first quote.” But a few people’s quotes about said Quote Book might help to shed some light on their opinions:

Adam explains that getting quotes “… is how people derive their worth in life.” [oh dear … hopefully not! That’s too big of a burden to bear!]

Or as Mr. Taylor says, “You’re not a real person until you get a quote in the Quote Book.” 😀 [status=real personhood?]

But in reality, it’s probably because, as Josh put it, I provide an “adoring audience” to their witticisms … and I willingly laugh at the things people say, and am all too eager to record them for all time.

I doubt that such epic-ness should be attributed to just a small notebook filled with my handwriting, but whatever the case, it is fun to record people’s words and later go back to re-live old memories. Can I help it if people want to infuse the experience with a little competition? 🙂

Someday when I’m old and gray, I hope that I have a box filled with these miniature journals – days and years and moments of beauty and serendipity captured with a few strokes of a pen … people whom I love filling the lines of them, inside jokes that only we understand still bringing smiles after so many years. Many of those quotes will never be profound by the world’s standards, but they are words that I deemed memorable and quoteworthy – and hence I will always cherish them.

And don’t worry – if you’re not in the Quote Book yet, just take a long car-trip with me or hang out with me after 10pm – and you’ll most likely get your name scratched in there at least once! 🙂

Thank you to all who have contributed to this communal book so far [and yes, it’s open for anyone to read if they want!] … you’ve filled my life with delight, and I cherish every memory recorded within.

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