Pandora's Box

Instructions for a Rainy Day

Thoughts by which I need to be inspired on this rainy April day …

1) Don’t carry a black umbrella (as Mrs. Mielke says, it kind of looks like a frown)
2) Lift your head to catch a few raindrops on your face.
3) Listen to the birdies joyfully singing in the treetops
4) Remember that the ground is eagerly soaking up each droplet so that it can turn luscious green
5) Let a single daffodil’s cheery yellow face bring a smile to your own
6) Savor the warmth and dryness of each building into which you step
7) Drink a cup of hot tea or coffee if you can … and listen to some piano tunes
8) Know that the sunshine wouldn’t be so greatly appreciated were it not for a few days (or more) of melancholy rain
9) Hoodies are a good idea
10) Buy someone rainboots so that you can go puddle-jumping together
And … 11) It’s never a bad thing to catch a girl’s hand and twirl her a few times through the dancing raindrops. 🙂

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