Pandora's Box

When the Moon Whispers to the Stars …

“Listen. There’s moonlight … and we’re barefoot … let’s just sit – and listen.”

“Listen to what?”

“Listen to the silence. Listen to our two hearts beating. Listen to the moon whisper to the stars. Listen to fireflies dancing a duet upon a dandelion. Listen to God’s voice rustling all around us. Listen to the murmurs of summer. Just listen.”

“For how long?”

“We’ll know. Just wait.”

“But the silence … is awkward.”

“It’s not awkward if your souls are communing with one another – and the gifts all around you. Be present. Be all in. Be thankful. Be quiet in a world of clamor and insistent noise.”

“When do we start talking again?”

“Let your heart talk to God. He needs no sounds to communicate. In fact, I think He prefers the silent way. When we stop talking out loud, and turn our ears to His voice. He speaks all the time … are we listening?

“Impatience will rise. It will bubble up, and cry for self to have its own way. It will whisper that you’re crazy for listening. It will try to get you to move on to the next thing on your to-do list. But nothing is so important for soul revival than to just still and close your eyes and wait for communion. Oneness with our Father. What we were made for. What He desires for us each and every day. When we are one with our Father, then we cannot be a part of all the other things that tempt us away from Him. We’re secure in His embrace. He has the best for us … why are we running away from Him?

“Shimmers on the water. Geese gliding past or rising of a sudden from the lake. Silhouettes of trees. Shadows of our forms on the ground. Gently … how gently is the symphony pieced together – harmonies formed by bird calls and the cricket’s song … the melody line filling in like water falling against a shore line. This is God’s orchestra – His masterpiece. What else are we looking for in life? Why do we want to move past the gifts He’s given us? If we’re always looking for something more, we’ll never be satisfied. This day. This gift … for now, it’s all we need.

“Just listen. To the voice of the One who created music … may His music always be filling our souls.”

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