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100 Odds & Ends on the 1st

In honor of this being my one hundredth post … here are 100 random thoughts from Lydia. Welcome to the way my brain works on a regular basis. 😀

1. Let patience be the theme of my love song today.
2. That very moment when I most want to just sit at home … is the very moment I need to get my behind outside and start running.
3. Polka dots make my heart happy.
4. So does black and white.
5. Fall scents are my favorite … especially Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.
6. Did you know that trips to WalMart can be magical? 🙂 There’s a reason why I love taking my nieces and nephews there …
7. I love making presents for people. It’s a wonder that it took me so long to figure out that gifts are my love language.
8. Isn’t it astounding how some song lyrics so perfectly express your heart like nothing else can?
9. Rest is a beautiful thing.
10. May I spend less time today on imaginary worries … and more time on productive realities.
11. I love going to weddings. It’s kind of a little hobby of mine. 🙂
12. Also, if you need your wedding planned, I’d be more than happy to volunteer.
13. Someone just recently got corrupted by the Pinterest trend. BUT, I tend to look at it as aid to my creativity … and that’s what we all need a little bit of in life, eh? 😉
14. You want to know an amazing movie? “Midnight in Paris.” I can’t even say how much I love everything about that movie.
15. I’ve discovered this week just how much my soul needs its writing. I feel more fulfilled when I’m scribbling pencil sketches into my notebook than anything else.
16. Hope you don’t mind … but if I know you, I might put you in one of my stories someday. Never by name … but just by personality. :] The people who are most interesting in life are the ones I know personally!
17. I love the fact that school doesn’t start for another three weeks.
18. I also can’t wait to move into my dorm, meet my roommate, start classes, and consume everything cozy about fall.
19. Everything is so much simpler when seen through the eyes of a child.
20. Such a cure for self-pity: start praying for others.
21. Coffee-dates are my fave. I love talking with dear friends over a chai latte.
22. I really dislike the smell of beets cooking. If I ever have a garden, I will not be growing beets.
23. Fashion excites me. But one must make it work with such a short torso …
24. Re-reading some books for maybe the fiftieth time is like coming home to an old friend’s house.
25. Essential elements to bring with me to campus: mugs and cereal bowls!
26. I’ve always wanted to have a wild spree under the light of a full moon. Doesn’t it sound irresistible?
27. It’s crazy to think how much life can change in a year.
28. Also crazy: to think I’m almost a quarter of a century old … ¾ left to go!
29. I simply adore having five sisters and one brother. And two parents who love each other so much.
30. [For the 30’s … some summer memories] Memory #1: Starting off the summer with wild screams of elation on the phone with Maggie about the Fiddler cast list. 🙂
31. Memory #2: flopped on our stomachs across hotel beds in San Diego … sharing girl time with lots of vending machine candy, peals of laughter, and drawings in notebooks … 😀
32. Memory #3: sleeping on the trampoline under the stars at midnight … till it started raining on us!
33. Memory #4: doughnuts in the morning and hilarious talk with the camp staff in the office
34. Memory #5: sitting on a deck, sharing dinner with friends as the sun slipped away into the pine trees … and then getting carried off by two boys to be forced into a dance party!
35. Memory #6: backstage antics happening right before you go onstage that the audience never knows about!
36. Memory #7: that moment when Patrick and I FINALLY got our song down just right … such happiness!
37. Memory #8: jumping off a dock into the lake with twelve or thirteen teenagers whom I just adore.
38. Memory #9: a beautiful, symbolic Pass the Torch ceremony in the mountains around a campfire.
39. Memory #10: sisters who come to visit and see the show and bring you flowers and talk with you late into the night.
40. Fascinating names intrigue me. I never want to give my children boring, run-of-the-mill names.
41. Neither do I want to give my children names that are impossible for anyone to pronounce or spell.
42. I love cleaning the closet and discovering shirts you forgot you had and handbags to replace old, falling-apart ones at just the right time. :]
43. Dinner parties are one of my absolute favorite things. I think people should have them all the time.
44. Isn’t it funny how inside jokes are created? One word is all you have to say to set us all off laughing. “Grandbabies.”
45. One day, I’ll look back on this day as a memory. I hope I make it worth remembering.
46. I miss dancing so much.
47. Some of the most encouraging words in the world: “For I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord …”
48. I’m so glad my brother plays the guitar. 🙂
49. New toenail polish can turn any sour mood into a happy one.
50. Daddies who go with you to get ice cream on a summer’s night are just the best ever.
51. “My Girl Tonight” by Jon McLaughlin is beautiful. I kind of hope my future husband will be able to sing … to me …
52. Pentel RSVP pens are the only kind to write with.
53. One can never have too many notebooks or journals.
54. Eating around the table … with family or friends is just the greatest ever for the soul.
55. I have discovered that peace comes easiest when you don’t try to force it.
56. Much like the most beautiful love stories which come about in the most unexpected of ways.
57. I do so love a clean room.
58. Kindred spirits … those with whom you have a common understanding of the most beautiful things in life … and can delight in the sharing of them together.
59. It’s so beautiful to meet someone and within minutes of talking, know you’ve discovered a kindred spirit.
60. The Anne series … 8 books forever my favorite, because a) I adore L.M. Montgomery’s writing style, b) Anne is a kindred spirit, c) I see so much of myself in Anne and hope I can be the kind of mother she was. Also, d) Anne and Gilbert have the best love story.
61. Some things are just staples of life and roots to a happy childhood … the old yellow popcorn maker; fresh bread out of the oven; the little plaques on the wall; gray, blue and pink Tupperware cups.
62. Yellow is such a bright, cheery color. Too bad I can’t wear it.
63. I love collecting curios from around the world, and the stories that go with them …
64. Curling my hair can be therapeutic sometimes.
65. Sitting in my Miah-chair while I write or study is so inspirational. I wish I could bring it with me to school … :[
66. Don’t you just love those people you feel related to, even if you’re not by blood?
67. Leather journals bring with them the aroma of so many memories …
68. Beautiful mugs make drinking tea that much more enjoyable.
69. This is why I say thank you … because “holy joy lies in the habit of murmuring thanks to God for the smallest of graces.” (Ann Voskamp)
70. The best ideas come in the shower.
71. Know what’s so fantastic? When you have a very detailed dream, and you wake up and think, “Wow! That’s such a great idea.” :]
72. Today is Naphtali’s birthday. And to think that I’ve known her for 21 years … I love life-long friends.
73. Sacrificing vanity for saving money is hard sometimes. But God is teaching me a lot through these glasses on my face.
74. Adventures in Odyssey still makes me so happy.
75. Some things never change. And don’t you love it when you’ve been apart from a close friend, and then you see each other and realize in the span of a hug that nothing has changed?
76. Smelling good should always be a priority in life.
77. Thanks to Abby, I now know how to use Redbox. Life lesson right there. 🙂
78. I do so love summer mornings spent with Jesus in the garden.
79. Sometimes, one just needs to read through 26 pages of a word document that’s been collecting quotes for the past few years.
80. God made us to be creative … why do we resist the urge so often?
81. Time to go make some new memories today!
82. I can’t believe that it was three years ago next weekend that I went to Bellingham to be in dear friend Kimi’s wedding. What a most beautiful weekend that was.
83. Holding babies is wonderful.
84. I love knowing talented people.
85. Never forget to give a compliment to someone you might be thinking in your head. You never know how much they might need it.
86. Can’t wait for a trip back East in two summers with a best friend!
87. <– this is the year in which I was born.
88. Daisies. God’s promise to me.
89. I love text messages from people whom I love with my whole heart.
90. Try smiling at a stranger today. You might find it turns your whole day around. Or theirs.
91. Don’t you hate it when you get holes in your favorite pieces of clothing?
92. There’s something I love about being a girl. 🙂 Wearing dresses might have something to do with it …
93. Thank you, Tenth Avenue North, for once again saying it so perfectly.
94. I’m so thankful that things like Skype and hairspray were invented.
95. Birthdays are so much fun.
96. Life can tend to be rather exciting sometimes …
97. Never underestimate the power of a Magic Eraser … but oh, Mr. Clean. We’ll never look at you the same way again!
98. Isn’t it great when your hair turns out perfectly? Too bad it doesn’t stay that way all day!
99. I am SO incredibly grateful that I live in the Northwest where fall is the most beautiful of the seasons.
100. God’s grace never ceases to amaze me. How I’m grateful that He saved me and calls me His daughter. If all I have is Him … He is all I need.

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