Life Chronicles

… And This Summer List Accomplished

I should know by now. I really shouldn’t be so ambitious. 😀 But it’s just so much fun thinking of all the things I want to try and accomplish … so I don’t regret putting 20 things on my Summer Bucket List, even though some of them didn’t quite get done. I enjoy all the memories that came with everything that was accomplished, and perhaps the things that didn’t can be done in the future. So here’s some commentary on how my summer and this list went:

1. Coffee shop dates to catch up on life. Yes. They happened. 🙂 Not in plentiful abundance, but dear Emily Kate & I got our Starbucks times and it was wonderful!

2. Read the New Testament. Accomplished. And so good to have a time limit to keep in mind instead of just meandering through and just reading one or two chapters a day.

3. Summer Picture Project Round 2. What a failure. I feel so sad that I didn’t keep up with Emily Joy on this one … that I only wrote one [well, kind of two, but I didn’t write an ending to the second one]. The inspiration was a little squashed out with everything else happening this summer …

4. Horseback riding. Yes! Nikki and I got to ride horses, and my 12-year old dreams came true … how exciting [and sun-burning!] that hour and a half trail ride that was. Plus so much good conversation … I wish I could ride horses all the time!

5. Finish watching “Little Dorrit” AND read the book. So this should have been two separate goals, because I did finish watching “Little Dorrit” with Victoria to our great delight … but I’m only half-way through the book [I got a little distracted with a few other books]. One thing I have discovered, though, is my losing of my ability to just sit and read for an extended length of time. Sadly, I’ve become so used to rushing from one thing to the next, that I must now force myself to sit still and do nothing but read … when it used to come so naturally.

6. Become a vegetarian. Well, yes. I did become a vegetarian for a short time. And I learned what it’s like to be specific in what you’re choosing to eat. But I also learned half-way through the summer that this was the wrong season of life to make that decision. Wisely, my mom realized it for me, and made me start eating meat again, simply because I didn’t have the time to come up with creative sources of protein … and my very busy body was suffering because of it. So I began eating meat again … but really, I’d have to say that I already avoid most beef products – it’s mostly chicken and some pork that I consume, so I can lay claim to a tiny part of vegetarianism. :]

7. Be in “Fiddler on the Roof.” Probably my most exciting, fulfilling [and exhausting!] accomplishment of the summer. :] From auditions to closing night – and every moment in between – I loved being in a show again – especially one this beautiful.

8. Finish memorizing the book of James. Done! Book #4 committed to the realms of my memory … now the trick is reviewing them all so that they continue to stay useful in my life!

9. Keep a prayer journal. …not as consistently as I would have liked. But I learned the value of it – AND, especially at the beginning of the summer, it was so exciting to write down my prayers and then write down God’s answers afterward. He’s teaching me … little by little.

10. Go running [and work up to that 5 miles]. Fail. I went running every now & then … and it’s so very refreshing to pick it up again … but I should have known better with my busy schedule that it wouldn’t have worked out. That’s okay. Working out will always be on my to-do list – and instead of being discouraged about the times I can’t, I’ll just pick it up again faithfully when I can.

11. Watch “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” [with Brittany!] Just barely! We watched it on Monday. With a picnic on her living room floor. :] Sooo good … and so fun spending time together before she leaves for college.

12. Ride a tandem bicycle. 😦 Welll … Lucy-lu and I were supposed to do this, but it just never worked out. So we’ve rain-checked it, and we’ll do it someday in the future, I promise!

13. Unraveling Day. Yes. Nick & Brittany & I … have such adventures, even if it’s just lazing in the pool, making chocolate chip cookies (and softening butter by throwing it around in the front yard!), playing Mario Brothers, and making breakfast for dinner … I love those two so very much. 🙂

14. Work on my scrapbooks. Soooo didn’t happen. Yet again another lifelong goal to accomplish. But hey! I’ll work on them tonight, so that counts, right??

15. Watch “Titanic.” YES! And what an adventure with my Maggie-girl … haha! My favorite part was watching it on the trampoline under the stars at midnight … then falling asleep out there till the rain woke us up. Life-goal accomplished at the same time!

16. Buy a sundress for San Diego. This happened … and that was a fun shopping trip with the HYPE & Improv girls! So many quotes … ohh goodness. And San Diego was such a beautiful journey in and of itself.

17. Take pictures in a field with bubbles. Sad day – Em and I always TALKED about it … but never got it accomplished. We did, however, take pictures on a fence, so that was slightly rewarding.

18. Host a dinner party. Oh YES! And that was one of the best nights of the summer … how I love my friends and all of our laughter and conversation and fun! :]

19. Eat a traditional ice cream cone. Why yes … yes I did. Once on the Fourth of July [on that misadventure with Lisa & Theo] … once on a summer’s night where Daddy & I went to Maggie Moo’s … and once on a Saturday last weekend on a delightful trip to Sandpoint with the Matthews. My summer adventures feel complete.

20. Call each of my sisters at least once a week. Well … no. I should be careful about how specific I make my goals. Also, five is a lot of sisters. Haha! But I still love having all of them as my sisters, and I love all the conversations we DID get to have this summer, if not weekly.

And of course … besides these 20, there were all sorts of other fun summer adventures. I feel incredibly blessed by all the joy that came my way this summer. Thanks be to God for His never-ending gifts. Now here’s to an equally joy-filled and thrilling fall … living on CAMPUS! :]

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