Life Chronicles

Of Barefoot Showers, Ghetto Tables & Library Mornings

The first quarter of living on campus has come to an end, and I come to report to you. You ask me, “How was it?” And I say, “Well … which perspective do you want?”

The dreadfully inconvenienced one of …
… not being able to take a shower barefoot
… or not being able to leave your toothbrush in your bathroom
… or running into floormates right after you’ve rolled out of bed
… or eating cold cereal for breakfast each and every morning
… or having to drive back into town for every work- or HYPE-related thing
… or eating campus food all the time which is either very fried or very bland
… or not enough time to study because of friends asking you to do things with them
… or not enough room in your tiny little dorm room
… or not getting to see your family all the time
… or having very little privacy

OR the incredibly blessed one of …
… getting up early on Tuesdays to have prayer & Bible study with Heather before classes start
… meeting with new friends for dinner on campus
… being involved in Cru on such a deeper level
… having late-night study dates, laugh dates, or movie dates with Danika 🙂
… running up to the fourth floor to figure out my inner animal with Haliey
… those beautiful morning breaks in the library overlooking the campus mall with my writing practice journal in hand
… learning how to rock-climb with Heather, David & Emma
… getting to work box office and help make costumes for the school show
… spontaneous coffee dates with friends you just happen to be passing by
… getting to sleep in a little longer, because it only takes you five minutes to get to class from your room
… making ghetto tables out of cardboard boxes in your dorm room, watching Sweet Home Alabama with Mexican hot chocolate, and playing games late into the night with dear friends
… feeling like you’re so much more a part of the community of collegians by sharing life with them
… building such deeper friendships and longer-lasting relationships than would have been possible had I not been living on campus

You take the rough parts and overlay them with the parts of beauty, and it all blends together into a mosaic of crazy joy and memory-making blessings. In one quarter, I have been surrounded by new friends, challenging messages, and an overwhelming peace that I’m right where God wants me to be. True, He’s stretched me and tested me in ways I would not have asked for, but when you look at the whole quarter as a snapshot, it’s bursting with color and wild love for this precious time of life. Believe me, it’s been worth every single step.

And now, I am loving being on Christmas break, home to comfort for just a few weeks, and memory-making with those who have known & loved me the longest. I will bask in the beauty of this season and breathe in the restfulness of “peace on earth” as I prepare my heart for the next quarter ahead.

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