Pandora's Box

28 Ways to Love Someone

In case you were unaware, the month of shiny red hearts & teddy bears will soon be upon us. Yes, February. Valentine’s Day month. Or, as some cynical & not-so-very-content people like to refer to it, “Single’s Awareness Day” month. I can’t say that I can terribly relate to one side or the other … no, I don’t have some guy who will lavish cards, gifts, and all manner of lovey-doveys on me [my daddy’s pretty fantastic about making me feel loved, though … :], but neither do I feel incredibly angry at those who celebrate. For me, it’s more a matter of getting around a few too many annoying stuffed animals and shallow expressions of a concept treated too lightly in our culture than anything else.

But LOVE in and of itself is an idea that I feel most strongly should be celebrated in all of its many forms … and seeing as how this girl over here desperately needs to learn how to love others better, God so lovingly put a whole month of opportunities in front of me!

So I have made it my goal, friends, to discover twenty-eight ways to love the people God has placed in my life in the twenty-eight days of February. And because I have been so very lax in taking pictures as of late, each “way to love” will be documented with a picture and posted daily on Facebook – so that we can all celebrate love together and so that I will be kept accountable throughout the month!

I have a list going already with ideas, but I welcome more ideas from people who are more creative and expert at loving others than I am … and I can’t wait to report back at the end of the month with what God has taught me about the journey of truly loving others through His agape love. After all, “how great the love the Father has lavished upon us” … how can I help but spill that extravagant love over into others’ lives around me?

May your February be a blessed one and not too overrun with pink and red! 😉

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