Pandora's Box

Life Should Be Spontaneous … and Colorful

It’s the first day of March … and I stand peering over the ledge at the 31 days stretching in front of me – that will come and go so quickly. The thought of everything that will be squeezed in to those days is enough to squeeze the breath right out of me – and make me want to run into a dark closet and pretend like I have no responsibilities. But alas … that’s not possible. So how will one survive from day to day … and not just survive, but enjoy … love … embrace … fully experience each and every day? God didn’t intend for life to be a race, hurrying as fast as we can to the finish line not noticing the scenery around us. No, He intended for us to LIVE life – enjoying this gift He gave us so that we can greater glorify the Giver. So instead of just allowing life to engulf me with all of its worries, deadlines, stress, and to-do lists, I must come up with an alternative plan … reminders that help me slow down and taste all that life has to offer.

Step #1:
SMILE. Every Day.

Did you know that smiling – even if it’s just to yourself – instantly lifts your mood? And if you smile at someone else, chances are you will lift their day as well.

Step #2:
Bright Colors

I’m so tired of wearing black and gray and white. I think the world is, too. It is time to brighten up the wardrobe, step out of the box, and put sunshine on to your body. Even if it’s not in the sky, it can still be wrapped around you.

Step #3:

The Words of Scripture … meditated on, consumed, drawing me closer to the heart of God and His peace.

Step #4:
Rainboots would be nice.

Yep. I need to get some.

Step #5:
Additionally, once Step #4 is accomplished, this will come next:

Step #6:
And then we can come back in and have some of this:

Step #7:
But honestly? I just need to remember this:

It is my choice – to hurry down these college sidewalks, thinking only of the next thing to do or to gaze at the red brick walls, the trees slowly warming up to spring, and all the faces around me. It is my choice to resent the busy schedule and hurry, hurry, hurry … or to live fully in every experience that I get to be a part of at this stage in my life. It is my choice to see inconveniences and lost sleep and impatience … or to memorize the miracle unfolding in front of me – this precious gift called life. Some don’t get this opportunity. I can look for a beautiful place to fill me or I can make a place beautiful by bringing Christ’s love with me wherever I go.

As Jim Elliot said, “Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

This IS the will of God for my life right now … and I will live this month of March in the satisfaction that He’s put me here, He’ll get me through, and along the way I will stop to smell the daisies, dance a little in the rain, and give out hugs spontaneously.

Praise Jesus for the miracle of life.

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