40 Days of Prayer

When God speaks to a heart, sometimes it’s alarming what can happen. Alarming only in the best possible of ways. The kind of alarming that makes your heart beat faster and your lungs fill with joy and anticipation all because God is doing something huge and He somehow decided to make you part of it.

Last week at Cru, Jocelyn & Christina shared their heart for prayer and how they wanted to see it grow among the students. And then Jamie spoke that night, also on prayer – and as she did so, I felt God whispering to my heart that He wanted me to do forty days of prayer. Automatically, I rejected the idea, because the next month or two are going to be some of the busiest of my life, and I can’t stomach the thought of adding yet one more thing to my plate. But God responded with,

“Exactly, Lydia. This is exactly why you need to do 40 days of prayer right now. Because if you ever needed to draw closer to Me and My heart, it’s right now in the midst of all the stress and busyness.”

And I knew that He was right (when is God ever not right??) … and so I said yes to the idea. Forty days of nothing dramatically huge in human terms, but forty days of everything huge in God’s book. Forty days of focusing on a different topic every day to pray about so that my heart will stay right with God and my eyes will be opened wider to how He wants to use me right where I’m at.

As I went to make a list of forty days, though, the next idea struck me – that maybe this wasn’t just for me, but maybe other students needed it, too. Maybe the rest of our Cru community needed to join in, too, because after all – “ … if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in My name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18: 19-20) Maybe forty or fifty or a hundred of us needed to “come together” in our mindsets and prayer and focus on drawing close to God in the last forty days or so of this quarter. Can you imagine the power of all these students praying in dedication for God’s will to be done in our lives and on our campus?

So, friends, I invite you to join me on a journey. A journey similar to times of focus that Moses and Jesus went through for forty days and forty nights. Although we can’t physically go somewhere for that amount of time or even gather together, we can commit in our own personal lives to growing in prayer over the next forty days. I’ve attached the list of the forty days (starting tomorrow, Thursday, April 25th, and going through Monday, June 3rd) with their daily focus, and every day, there will be a short blog post on the topic including thoughts on how to pray for it, encouraging verses, and maybe a song that speaks to that topic. I am by no means the expert on all of these topics, so I welcome collaboration from friends who feel spoken to about a certain topic. If you want to write something on one of those days, I’d love to post it here to encourage others.

Also, if you skip a few days, feel free to jump back in whenever you can. This is by no means a rigid exercise, but merely a tool to help us come into the presence of God. And together, may we all be amazed by the ways that God will work in our midst.

For His Glory,

40 Days Prayer Schedule
April 25: Worshiping God & who He is
April 26: Complaining/Gratefulness
April 27: Family members
April 28: The future/Being content with today
April 29: Using our gifts & abilities for God
April 30: Total dependency on God
May 1: Cru staff
May 2: Judging others
May 3: Closest friends
May 4: Opportunities to serve others
May 5: This summer
May 6: Bitterness/Forgiveness
May 7: God’s glory to be spread
May 8: Money/God’s provision for our lives
May 9: Unsaved loved ones/Opportunities to share the Gospel
May 10: The leaders of our country
May 11: Love life
May 12: Pastors/Church family
May 13: Specific sin that we struggle with
May 14: Mentors/Past mentors
May 15: Schoolwork/Academic life
May 16: Those going on summer projects
May 17: Next year
May 18: Cheney
May 19: Relationships with others
May 20: Jobs/Co-workers
May 21: EWU campus
May 22: Idols in our lives
May 23: Opportunities to mentor/disciple
May 24: International students
May 25: Knowing Christ better
May 26: Global missions/Sending missionaries
May 27: Australia
May 28: East Asia
May 29: Africa
May 30: Costa Rica
May 31: the USA
June 1: Russia
June 2: Unreached people groups
June 3: Celebration & worship

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