Day 2 – Complaining/Gratefulness

“Uggh. My backpack is so heavy.”

“Maybe today they’ll actually have food that’s good.”

“Why do I have so much homework??”

“I’m so exhausted.”

Without thinking, these and a hundred more complaints come slipping out of my mouth on a daily basis … as though I needed to give the world a moment-by-moment update on what’s wrong with my life. Everything that doesn’t suit my fancy at that particular moment from the weather to my shoes to my job to the time I have to get up comes pouring forth to the point that I almost don’t notice it.

But what I don’t notice is the very thing that is a slap in God’s face. Every complaint I utter is a moment of ingratitude to God for what He didn’t do right in my life. And when Philippians 2:14 says, “Do everything without complaining or arguing,” I’m pretty sure that leaves no options open. It says everything … and I do believe God meant that to mean everything. Wow, do I have such a long way to go! If I had been an Israelite back in the day, eating manna day in and day out, I most likely would have been facing death row for the complaints that would have come out of my mouth.

God’s grace is huge … yet I don’t want to take advantage of it. I want to learn to turn my complaining into thanks, my heart of ingratitude into a heart of love & acceptance for what God has given to me. And there’s no better day to start praying than today.

Prayer Postures for Today:
– Every time a complaint comes to mind or out of my mouth, I will confess in my heart and pray a prayer of thankfulness for what God has given me.
– When tempted to complain about a person or talk negatively about them, I will either thank them for something they do or mention one of their good qualities. Or pray that God would help me see their good qualities if I feel like I can’t …

A thankful heart makes a joyful heart … so may we grow in spreading joy around us as change the atmosphere of negativity all around us.

Lord, help me to see Your blessings instead of the lack of what I want. Please turn my whinings of discomfort into beautiful praises of Your work in my life. Give me strength to overcome the power of negativity in my life.

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