Day 11 – This Summer for Christ

Those long, delicious days filled with sunshine, ice cream cones, sunburns, and laughter-filled memories … I can almost taste them, they’re so close! The world in summer seems alive in a way it doesn’t any other time of year, and I thoroughly love all those summer days, even though they never seem long enough.

As I look ahead to my summer this year, I’m excited for it, but I also know that it will go by in an intake of breath, for all the things that will be jam-packed into it: the HYPE Conference, summer camps, family reunion, and the Eastern theater intensive being the bulk of it. And I’m scared that I’ll hit the autopilot button and zip through it so quickly that I won’t realize what’s happened till it’s over.

But no … I pray that Christ will redeem this summer for Him. That it won’t be just about me and my accomplishments, but that I would live life with eyes wide-open so that Christ is most glorified in me. Whether it’s patience with the little ones at camp, speaking the words of God at a national Conference, stamina to do my best in summer classes, or simply strengthening my relationships with friends and family I only get to see during the summer, my prayer is that I wouldn’t waste a single second. May I not be too busy to breathe in the deep moments and spread the light of the Gospel wherever I go.

And whether your summer is filled with work, a summer missions project, travels abroad, family times, summer classes, or you’re not even sure yet, may it too be focused on Christ and living it for Him. May this not be a “spiritual” break by any means, but may it be a time of thankfulness, rest [if at all possible!], and joy-filled life.

Prayer Postures for Today:
– Pray for wisdom to use your time this summer the way God wants you to
– Pray for opportunities to pour into others’ lives and share the Gospel
– Pray for a heart that constantly puts Christ on display no matter where you go or what you do

Father, thank You for the gift of summer. Thank You for the sunshine & the people that we get to share it with. Thank You for allowing us vacations and times of rest. Let us not take it for granted or waste it selfishly on our own desires. Help us to be Your light in our various spheres of influence this summer.

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