Day 22 – Summer Projects

To go into all the world and preach the Gospel, making disciples of every nation … that’s what hundreds of Cru students will be doing this summer, and I have to say that I’m so excited for them! I wish that I could have an opportunity like that, but with my summers being the way they are, I’m needed to stay home while they go – and my job is to pray for my brothers & sisters in Christ while they are gone.

Having had a small taste of adventures like that in England and Russia, though, I can say with my whole heart that it will be life-changing for them. I know that God will work hugely in their lives, change them, and grow them in Him in a whole new way. I’m excited to see them come back next year with a fire in their hearts to serve Christ here on campus, and perhaps even be called to full-time missions because of this summer trip.

I honestly believe that there is nothing more life-changing than giving a short season of your life to God specifically to grow in Him, and to travel and work for Him in other countries. It gives a person a whole new perspective and understanding of the world, and it opens your eyes to how God wants to use you for Him in amazing ways you could have never dreamed of. I urge all of my high school students that I mentor to travel if they get the chance … the world becomes so much more of a beautiful and yet, at the same time, urgent place when you do.

These college students going on summer project have said, like Starfield, “I will go, Lord send me.” What will your answer be to His call? We may not all be able to go overseas or even leave our American hometown. But we can pray for them, give to their projects, and be witnesses right where we are placed.

Prayer Postures for Today:
– Pray for the needed financial support to come in for summer project students.
– Pray for them to be strengthened in their faith & be emboldened to share with others.
– Pray for them to grow in their relationships with others & be prepared to face the mental and emotional challenges ahead of them.

Father, I love to see Your Word go forth in faithfulness. Thank You for calling these college students to summer projects, and I pray that You will use them in ways they could never have dreamed of. Help them to trust in You for all their needs, and to grow in their faith this summer. Prepare them to share the Gospel and empower them to live lives radically sold out for You.

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