Day 26 – This Campus

I love this campus. I truly do. And from the girl who swore upon graduating from high school that she would never come here – well, that’s just a testimony of how God can change a heart! And after spending two whole years here, I can say with a smile that I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else. From the green-canopied cobblestone walkways to the lampposts to the theater building to the education building and the coziness of the library … this place has become my home, and I am incredibly thankful that I get to receive an education here.

College is such a brief window in a person’s life, but truly it is one of the most life-altering times. I feel like it is here that a person’s worldview and identity are shaped as they are prepared to go forth and enter the real world. This is where you become your own person and have to really identify what it is you believe and why. My own history and journey with college is a completely different story, but being here, living on campus for the first time ever, I see the power and impact that college life has on young people. And it is here that they need to hear about Christ more than ever before.

I can’t tell you how many testimonies I’ve heard of lives changed while being here at college – of people who were struggling to figure out who they were and who, through Cru & people sharing the Gospel with them, came to find who they were in Christ. I have felt the difference on this campus as God moves in people’s lives and as He is growing Cru in huge ways – ways we could not take credit for on our own. And my heart longs for this growth to continue – for every student to hear the Gospel and be given the opportunity to come into relationship with Christ.

It starts with each of us college students making the commitment to share our faith and invest in other people’s lives. We must be the ones to care about each individual and their story – we must be the ones to minister and give ourselves away so that lives can be radically changed. This is our time – will we make the most of it before our schooling is done and we up and graduate?

The fire has begun and is spreading throughout Eastern. And when the Holy Spirit moves, He cannot be stopped. Let us pray with fervency for the light to continue moving into people’s hearts and lives.

Prayer Postures for Today:
– Pray for God’s work to continue in huge ways here on Eastern’s campus
– Pray for opportunities to minister and be a part of spreading the Gospel here on campus
– Pray for students to come to know Christ and His transforming power in their lives
– Pray for the ministry of Cru to continue being instrumental in bringing people to know Christ

Father, we are only frail humans, unable to do anything in our own strength. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to attend school here and receive an education that will help us to go out and make a difference in the world. Please continue to work in huge ways on this campus, and help us to see how we can be a part of it. What a privilege it is to be Your hands and feet, Papa … help us never to take it for granted. May Your will be done here at Eastern.

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