Days 32 & 33 – Global Missions & Australia

[My deepest apologies for being AWOL from my blog … the prayers haven’t stopped, even though the blog posts had to be put on hold while life happened. Hopefully you’ve still been praying, too!]

Global missions … it holds such a ring of adventure and purpose and holiness, doesn’t it? Jesus did say to “go into all the world,” did He not? And traveling to new countries & cities around the world, just sounds like the greatest adventure possible … well, at least to me.

After graduating from high school, I was stuck between wanting to go into theater and knowing I should probably do something more “righteous” like become an overseas missionary. I felt convicted when missionaries would come to our church and speak, but more than anything, I think I was feeling guilt. Guilt because being an overseas missionary was probably the holiest thing you could be as a Christian, and I was over here wanting to raise a family in the US and be involved with theater.

To keep the long story brief, God taught me a lot in those formative years after high school. The most important being that He calls us to be missionaries in many different fields. Some He does call overseas – for life or for short-term. Some He calls to enter many other professions and take the Gospel to the people there who need to hear about Him just the same as people in other countries. As long as we are consistently sharing the Gospel wherever we are at, being overseas doesn’t make one person more “holy” than another. Going overseas does indeed change your life – I’ve experienced that firsthand – and I love the thought of being able to do that again in the future. But the call to permanently move overseas hasn’t come into my life at this point and time for I think that God has work for me to do here in the States.

It is a need, though, to go to unreached people groups and spiritually dry lands and continue to spread the Gospel. And for this, we stop to pray today – that the Lord of the harvest would raise up workers to go into that harvest and help to bring people to Him (Luke 10:2). Global missions is something that every believer should be involved in – whether it’s by going yourself or by praying and giving from here. Our hearts must be stirred for those who still need to hear the Gospel.

Over the next few days, the focus for prayer will shift to specific areas of the world – mostly because our Cru here has students going on Summer Projects or Stints in those areas. Our brothers & sisters in those countries or continents need our support through prayer, so let us be faithful in remembering them & praying for new believers in those countries.

Today, we begin with this beautiful country … Australia.

For all of the beauty & the progress of this country, its spiritual temperature is low. Thousands of people, especially on college campuses have never heard of Christ or are indifferent to His presence in their lives. The Cru movements on campus are growing, for which we can be thankful. But we still must be praying for them to continue to grow and for there to be a hunger and thirst for the Word of God in this place. May God open up doors and draw people to His heart.

Father, thank You for allowing us to be Your instruments here on earth. We pray that You would raise up faithful, committed followers with a heart for Your Gospel to be spread in the country of Australia. May it be awakened to its need for You, and may You transform lives through the work of believers already down there. Please bless the ministry of Cru on college campuses in Australia, and may it continue to grow and flourish. For Your glory and Your kingdom’s sake, we pray, Amen.

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