Day 34 – East Asia

The most populated countries in the world lie here in this region of the world. Centuries of culture steeped in traditions that are vastly different from Western culture are celebrated daily. Beautiful people live here longing to hear a Gospel that is often denied to them. And yet God’s heart pounds within these countries, growing heavier in force so that man cannot stand against its power.

I recently read an amazing book by Randy Alcorn called Safely Home about the persecutions of Christians in East Asia and the spreading of the Gospel there. While we might feel tempted to feel sorry for our brothers & sisters who have to endure such pain, it is often the other way around: that they feel sorry for us. One of the believers in the book told a visiting American, “Romans tells us persecution and hardship cannot separate us from Yesu’s love. But Revelation warns us wealth and comfort can cause us to lose our love for Him.”

So while we pray for them, many of them are praying for us – that we might know in depth the way they do the love and comfort of the Father – a love & comfort that can come about no other way but through trials and tribulations. How we North Americans desperately need a change in our thinking!

Prayer Postures for Today:
– Pray for our brothers & sisters in East Asia that they might be strengthened through persecution and that they would be given endurance to reach the end.
– Pray for doors to be opened for the Gospel to be preached.
– Pray for hearts to be softened and eyes to be opened.

Papa, You work in mysterious ways. You are doing a great work in East Asia and it’s exciting to hear about it. I pray that Your love would be made even clearer to believers there and that they would be strengthened through this fire. May we learn to know You like that & may it cause Your Word to go out in even greater numbers. In Your name we pray, Amen.

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