Day 37 – the USA

This beautiful country that I love so much – where I was born and raised – and for which I feel so much pride – it has been praised and cursed throughout its brief two and almost a half century existence. I come to do neither today; I only come to bow my knee and pray for the spiritual condition of all of its inhabitants …

… because we are a country that desperately needs God. Many people when they think of America think of opulence. Materialism. Consumerism. Selfishness. And they really are not that far off. It’s the truth … and how we need Jesus to save us from ourselves. How we need to be bold and stand up for truth in a culture that speaks relativism – that what you believe is true for yourself and that’s all that matters.

God, please change our hardened hearts and open our blinded eyes! Help us to be missionaries right here in this country you have blessed us to live in. Help us to trust in Your power working strongly against the lies of the devil here. Shatter our lust for things in this world and bring us back to the foot of the cross where we experience your grace. Let Your love transform lives here in America, till we truly do experience liberty and justice of the soul once and for all.

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