Day 38 – Russia

This beautiful country is one of my favorites … because I have a personal investment in it. I’ve been to this vast place with it’s stunning buildings, hugely humming cities, colorful history, and most importantly – it’s beautiful, precious people. This place stole my heart in 2011 and every memory made there continues to live on in fondness.

My Russian friends … some of the most giving, loving, funny people I will ever meet. They blessed our summer team more than we ever deserved & it was a joy to serve and work with them. Although their language is still one I have to learn [that might take a long time!], when you are brothers & sisters in Christ, your language becomes the common one of heaven, and you see that souls are the same whether originating from America or from Russia.

One thing that was clear while being there was that these people are all so highly intelligent with curious, questioning minds. Sometimes these questions hinder them from being able to fully accept the Gospel … but they certainly led to some amazing conversations! My prayer is that God would meet each one where they are at, help their faith to grow, and help them to understand their basic need for a relationship with Him. It’s sometimes not a thing that can be grasped overnight – but with persistent, long-term investment in people’s lives, God uses His church to woo them to Him.

So my prayers today for Russia might have been rather biased toward a certain church there … specific names were on my tongue as I lifted them up to God … but we all need to pray for this huge country and their need for God. We need to pray for spiritual revival, for softness of hearts, for open doors, and for the Spirit to work mightily.

Father, please bless this country that I love so much. I know You love it even more and have such a plan for it. Open eyes, hearts, and doors … draw souls to Yourself and use the churches there to accomplish Your purpose. Be with my dear friends whom I remember with great love & bless their lives. May Your kingdom come all the way around the world.

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