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A Letter To All The Men Out There …

To all you men who have gained the honor of winning the heart of one of these girls’ I’m closest to – congratulations.

You have won a beautiful thing.

I have walked with them as they patiently stowed their hearts away. I have watched them grow in beauty as they stayed committed to purity when it would have been easier to give up. I have cried with them when the wait seemed to be too long. I have sympathized through the ups and downs. And I have prayed for a man such as you to come into their lives.

And now that you have, I have a few words for you to remember:

You have been given a treasure of highest value.

Don’t ever take it for granted.

Please don’t toy with it or treat it carelessly.

Guard it and protect it with your life.

I pray that you put your relationship with God above your relationship with her.

I pray that you’re quick to apologize and forgive.

I pray that you wouldn’t treat this incredible gift with lightness or flippancy.

She has waited too long for you to toss her heart around like a beach ball.

Please be gentle with her – lead her – help her to grow. I know she longs for it.

Don’t tell her you love her before you truly know what that means.

Don’t hold her hand just because it’s “something to do.”

And don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.

I hope you’re not in it for yourself and what you can get out of it.

I hope you’re a man of honor who will put her first and make sacrifices to help your relationship grow.

I hope that you make every moment count, and that you remember the significance behind every touch, every look, every word.

I hope you love her like Christ loved the church,
because that’s what He’s called you to do.

And she deserves no less.

An onlooker who loves her dear friends fiercely

One thought on “A Letter To All The Men Out There …

  1. Lydia, I have been enjoying your blog, you write so well and having known you for several years while I lived over there, it is a blessing and encouragement to hear how you have continued on in your walk with the Lord with passion and how you are actively using your time to serve right where you are. Press on!
    This post is excellent! I hope it is convicting for those who need and and will remind others how worth the wait it is for a servant leader, or how they need to be one! So true…. I've seen marriages that were hurried in the romance if it all or appeared fairytailish only to become a trial and heartache. But with the love of Christ first and patience, a marriage can be the best witness to a lost and confused world.


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