Pandora's Box

Cherries, Freckles, Ponytails & Those Internet Hugs

This summer’s night calls for a random blog post with no organization but the most recent thoughts in my brain …

*CHERRIES are such a happy fruit.

Case in point: Quote from Jessica Belisle: “If cherries had faces, they would always be smiling.” :]

Although don’t challenge four girls to a contest of tying cherry stems in their mouth. Or spitting the pits the farthest. Just saying …

*PONYTAILS are one of my favorite reminders of being a girl. Especially on days when there isn’t enough time to do my hair.

*FRECKLES … used to be the least favorite thing about me, but I’ve learned to love these “angel kisses” all over my face. Besides “smattering of freckles” is so much fun to say!

Also, PS: did you know there’s a different gene for freckles on your forehead than for freckles just on your cheeks/nose? I got the latter in case you were wondering.

*INTERNET HUGS: They say that when someone likes your status on Facebook, you get the same feeling as when someone gives you a hug. So thanks to all you wonderful people out there who have given me Internet hugs by liking my status. Even if we rarely ever talk, just seeing your name pop up in my notifications brings a smile to my face. 🙂

*NEW FAVORITES: Speaking of the Internet, don’t you love discovering new favorite songs? And listening to them on repeat over and over again till it’s solidified as a good friend …

*HASHTAGS: Also speaking of the Internet, I still can’t move past my little hang-up with hashtags. One or two is okay to identify a connection with a picture, but when you have 25 describing your life? Have we really reduced our intelligence to communication with no punctuation or spaces and limited descriptors? Can’t wait till I’m a teacher and my little fourth-graders start inserting pound signs into their papers … #whatshappenedamerica #generationhashtags #dontworryilljustabreve #totesannoyed #butsoblessed

*I always wanted to live A FASCINATING LIFE.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really care if others are fascinated by my life. So long as I’m fascinated by the things in my life, my life will always be fascinating. So far, so good. :]

*Male harmony & good fashion … mmm, yes, please. Makes me happy. Watch this music video & you’ll understand. Thank you, Anthem Lights … you understand.

*But please don’t let that make you believe I’m a fan of boy bands. I’m not. Please don’t get me started.

*But let’s not argue tonight! Favorite time of night: sitting on my front porch in early twilight, the moon peeking her head out and the clouds in the west erasing all signs of daylight …

*I’ll leave you with this pretty picture:

That’s my goal this summer … to collect all the golden moments that make my heart smile and treasure this time of rest – before it all becomes crazy again.

Sweet dreams!

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