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Snapshot Moments of 2013

I’m having a hard time registering the fact that we are actually in 2014. Wasn’t I just writing a blog post reflecting on 2012? I feel like the years are just going faster and faster. No matter how long the year ahead seems, before I know it, I’m at the other end looking back.

And that’s where I stand today … looking back on a handful of memories that stand for 2013. And like always, I love looking at them through the lens of snapshots taken along the way. So if you’d like to come along, enjoy some of my most favorite moments of 2013 described in 5 words or less.

Roomie night – sushi, Davenport desserts.

HYPE dinner for homeless youth.

Love #2 – Valentines for Soldiers.

HYPE Valentine’s Ball.

Mormon Tabernacle – Cru Spring Break.


Little brother’s graduation.

Year spent in the dorms.

This girl. Love her.

Santa Cruz – CYT Expo 2013.

Boardwalk with Spokane HYPE.

All of these 40+ kids.

Once a year – always inspiring. šŸ™‚

My family – nothing better.

Just sitting and reading.

Tandem bike with this girl!

Hairspray with Joseph.

EWU Theatre Intensive – talented friends.

HYPE Summer Retreat – Priest Lake.

Hailley Jo’s wedding in Wisconsin.

First day of school – student teacher.

The Fall Look – Oxfords.

Tea with Victoria.

First EWU football game.

Fall visit to Greenbluff.

HYPE Human Clue!

Noteworthy November 2.0.

Birthday dinner with dear friends.

Wax-sealing with Nikki.

HYPE Winter Retreat – Priest Lake.

Releasing lanterns – dream come true.

Christmas Eve with Vicki and Theo.

Encore, Encore with these lovelies.

Annual Encore picture with Miah.

A year filled with laughter. A year filled with tears. A year filled with dreams come true … and dreams broken. A year filled with new friends and old. A year filled with new books and stories to stir the heart. A year filled with growing up and discovering what truly matters in life. A year filled with accomplishing life goals and making new ones. A year covered with the fingerprints of my Maker.

How thankful I am to have been alive in 2013 – from the top of my head to the tips of my fingers.

May 2014 bring even greater joys, accomplishments, and moments to savor!

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