Owlish Contemplations

Dear Self: My Hopes for You this Year

Dear Self,

[and all the other selves that might need some of these hopes this year …]

I hope you make a goal and accomplish it this year – at least one.

I hope you actually tell someone how you feel about them this year.

I hope, this year, you dare to be passionate about something and let it change your life.

I hope you quit dreaming about traveling somewhere and just start saving your money to go there.

I hope you stick with something even though it’s really hard and you want to give up every second of the way.

I hope you take the leap, even though you’re scared to death.

I hope you let God write His story through your life and you leave a little mark on someone else’s life.

I hope you make art with your life.

I hope you tell someone how grateful you are to have them in your life.

I hope you stop feeling guilty for everything you haven’t done and just started focusing on that one productive thing in front of you.

I hope you just stop trying to impress those around you and accept being broken.

I hope you spend more time with Jesus than with your computer.

I hope you live a life that matters – because that’s truly what you’re made for.

I hope love is painted on every day … and forgiveness covers all the days you fail.

I hope you make 2014 not a race to be accomplished, but a delightfully slow journey upon which you drink in the beauty all around you.

I hope this year becomes different.

Most of all, I hope you believe the truth the Lover is whispering in your ear and trust Him to do something wild and radical with your life this year …

… as wild and radical as investing in one person’s life and living each day as a dance in celebration to the Creator – for this is what truly brings a smile to His face.

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