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“The Ides of March” Series … Prompt #10 – “A character sketch based off someone you know in real life.”

The most fascinating people are the ones who are unashamedly themselves. The ones who aren’t beating down your door pointing out their unique qualities – but who just are unique in a thousand small ways. They captivate your mind because they have such a captivating mind themselves.

Like Trixie.

Trixie with her dark hair bobbed about her round face, it all curling cunningly under her jawline and the nape of her neck. Trixie, whose hazel eyes sparkled and snapped with her fiery, unapologetic personality. Trixie, who’d easily run a couple of miles in the pouring rain, then sit down to plow through a pint of ice cream with you, not blinking an eye. Trixie, who could spiritedly debate on dozens of topics for hours on end, but who could also listen with an understanding ear to the woes of the heart at the drop of a hat. Trixie, the one who could whip up a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies in the span of an afternoon, but who laughed at her woeful attempts to cook up a decent dinner.

Trixie had a mouth that was quick to laughter, but which could turn fierce in an instant if you touched on the people and things she cared most about. She took stands, popular or not, because she cared – she cared about justice and love and reaching people. She’d don a bandana and set right in to get her hands dirty as soon as she knew of a need to be met.

And how she could crack a joke! Trixie was one of the wittiest people you’d ever meet – able to pack more into three or four words than most could in half a year’s worth of talking.

But dear Trixie did have a temper … and how it would get her into trouble at times. She’d fly off the handle, stay angry for a few hours, and then just as quickly be repentant and beg your forgiveness, chiding herself for what she knew to be her worst fault.

Her tongue could also make short work of other people if she wasn’t careful, and well was she aware of the damage it could inflict. After her wild days in high school and the havoc she had caused, Trixie was often known to literally bite her tongue and turn away to keep from saying what she shouldn’t.

One could never think of Trixie without associating her with the stars somehow. They seemed to shine out of her eyes and radiate from her very energy with which she infused countless tasks. She was the visionary you always wanted on your side to make a project succeed. And she always made them a success.

“Why go into something if you don’t think it will work?” she’d be well-known to say. And loyally and faithfully, she’d stick by your side until the task was done.

Trixie the inspiration. Trixie the Dreamer and Doer. Trixie, the one who believed in you.

Trixie – she was the one who made you believe that there was something more to life.

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