Owlish Contemplations

My Father’s Eyes

“The Ides of March” Series … Prompt #13 – “Write about your father’s eyes.”

In a time-weathered face, my father’s eyes shine through.

Eyes that have seen corn growing in Iowa fields.

Eyes that have endured the glare of a drill sergeant.

Eyes that spoke love and commitment to my mother over 40 years ago – and still do.

Eyes that welcomed seven babies into the world.

Eyes that have shepherded church congregations.

Eyes that have wept over grief and loss in this life.

Eyes that have danced with merriment and delight.

Eyes that have been steeled by hard labor and sacrifice.

Eyes that have been softened by great love and beauty.

Eyes that see a person for who they truly are and care about them to the core of their soul.

Eyes that embody fidelity, strength, courage, and most of all – a love for Christ in everything.

These eyes have been my support as I grew up – have looked ahead with wisdom and hope – and have been closed in prayer more times than not.

And all I can hope and pray for is that someday I might have my father’s eyes.

The eyes of a sincere character – forged by fire – surrendered to grace.

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