a novelist's dabblings

The Map of a Daydream

“The Ides of March” Series … Prompt #14 – “Find a previously unpublished piece of writing, revise, and post.”

The map of a daydream is a delicious thing. Unlike a regular, boring map filled with sensible grids and universal symbols, a daydream’s map takes any form it wishes. Sometimes it’s even form-shifting – you think it’s leading you one way and then suddenly it surprises you with an unexpected twist.

If one could see the contours of this map, it would be three-dimensional with airy fancies drifting behind rolling hills, ticklish breezes ruminating among poplars, and delicious long, untraveled roads trailing away into sunsets. Traversing the rivers would lead to enticing possibilities and swimming in the lakes would awaken new desires, all stemming from pure imagination and a sense of delight.

The map would make allowances for getting lost – there was a special fairyland specified for that purpose alone. When you were ready to be found again, the map would magically give you directions to the next mountain of ambition in your future.

“Where can I buy such a map?” cried an eager little fellow once, anxious to start exploring his daydreams.

The wise keeper of daydreams only smiled knowingly and responded, “Money can’t pay for such a map. It’s a priceless possession held deep within the soul of each individual – inaccessible to others who try to peer in. Each daydream map is different, unique to the person who first formed it, and filled with details only the brave are willing to put in.”

Joy awaits those who know the key to unlocking the map of their daydreams, for it gives them access to worlds of possibilities. Secret loves are nourished here, fairytale ambitions are birthed here, deeds of bravery and nobility accomplished in its woodlands and seas.

The potential of a daydream is only as large as the owner makes its map – so what does the world of your daydream look like? Is it small and confined only to what you know and can quantify? Or is it large and boundless with uncharted territories and beautiful horizons? Is your map rolled up and tucked into a dusty corner? Or is it laid wide open and tacked on the wall in a prominent place where you always have access to it? Maybe you need to start writing the map of your daydream. There’s no better time to start than now – just look outside your window and let your mind start exploring the possibilities …

… in the place where silver linings are abundant and pots of gold are hidden around every bend.

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