The Sounds that Fill My Day

“The Ides of March” Series … Prompt #21 – “A list of sounds from the day.”

From Friday, March 21st:

– The ring of the phone too early in the morning … bringing sadness with the bearing of its news.
– The alarm chirping into my sleep.
– The alarm chirping again ten minutes later …
– Mama’s voice praying over breakfast.
– Silence as I knelt over candlelight and Scripture.
– Copy machine making copies of student work.
– Papers rustling as I handed them back.
– Chairs squeaking as they got pushed back from desks.
– A spelling test being given.
– Excitement from students as they realized how much they’ve improved in writing.
– “Miss Kinne, I’m done.”
– The dull roar of twenty-three students excited for a pizza party.
– Students crying out in agony from too many jalapenos eaten.
– Mugs clinking as I brought them home.
– The car starting up.
– The music from the car radio.
– Her singing “Somebody Else’s Story” from Chess … bringing tears to my eyes.
– Laughter from hilarious auditions.
– Applause 230 times.
– The keyboard.
– Distant chatter of the artistic team as I sunk into sleep on the couch in the other room.
– Bleary, yet happy voices of students as I gave them a call for their callback.
– Final good-nights at 12:45am.
– The rustle of blankets being pulled over my head.

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