Fragments of the Day

“The Ides of March” Series … Prompt #28 – “Write the horizon at dusk.”

The horizon is melting into liquid colors of gold, amber, russet, and mauve … the colors are bending and fusing into rays of unspeakable shades, one indistinct from another. The lights of day that gave us so much energy and focus are now slipping away rapidly till they reach their rest for the night, bidding us to do the same.

The clouds descending upon the color palette flung across the sky … the lingering shots of golden sunlight … the sky becoming navy blue … it speaks of a magical time upon the earth. Why so magical? If one only stops to listen, they will hear peace being woven upon the earth.

All the shards of unfinished work or unchecked boxes on the to-do list? They get swept up into the fading light. All the worries about what this day would bring? The day is wrapping up, concluding her eventful journey, and there is now nothing you can do about those morning worries. To be sure, most of us automatically start thinking about the worries of tomorrow at this time, but dusk is whispering – “Let it be. Just enjoy the disappearance of today’s worries.” All the memories of this day’s events? They are woven into beautiful colors – a wrapping across the sky to remind us that they are all a gift from God above.

Dusk lingers long enough to help us remember the beauty of another day lived and short enough to remind us that our life is but a fleeting breath – here one moment, gone the next. Like a painter daubing oils on a canvas, focusing on only one color, yet with the whole picture in mind, God daubs bits of our life daily onto earth’s canvas, keeping in mind the greatest and grandest scheme of them all. Do we trust Him? Do we thank Him for painting more of our story so magically that day? Do we look for His signature in the horizon at dusk?

Whatever good or bad your day may have brought with you – whatever headaches or sorrows your weary soul endured – whatever long work day you faced or crying baby you soothed dozens of times – watching the dusky horizon should be a moment for pause and peace. Cling to the beauty that is right now … let the rest fade into the distance with the setting sun.

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