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A Ladies’ Guide to Keeping it Classy, Part II

To pick up from where we left off a month ago …

11. Hold Your Head High, But Never Your Nose
Be the kind of woman who has enough respect for herself to carry herself tall … but not so much regard for herself that it makes her snobbish. Know that your identity in Christ is complete – and part of that identity should be loving those around you, no matter who they are.

12. Do Not RSVP to Drama
A lady should always RSVP to every event to which she is invited. However, drama is one thing to which she should not RSVP. Don’t stoop to the petty level of gossip and spreading rumors. Keep your mouth shut, go straight to the source, and diffuse the situation. Other people’s business is none of a lady’s business.

13. Never Kiss a Gentleman …
The sign from Pinterest actually says, “Never kiss a gentleman until the third date” – although I would maintain to be as stingy with your kisses as possible! Not just anyone deserves your lips against theirs – and he’d better be a mighty worthwhile gentleman to take such a gift from a lady!

14. Stay Well-Groomed
Indeed. You don’t need to have expensive clothes or the latest trends to be well-groomed. And a well-groomed lady who cares about her appearance will be respected and looked up to. It’s always worth it to take those few extra minutes to put yourself together. Sweatpants and slippers are for home, not the grocery store.

15. Do Not Judge Someone You Don’t Know
As women, we tend to size one another up in the blink of an eye, formulating everything we feel about another woman based on a one-second view of her. We must stop. There is so much more to a person’s story than we could ever know just by looking at them. Give them the chance you would like them to give you. Everyone’s journey is different – and we must embrace those differences.

16. Always Be Yourself, No Matter What
YOU are uniquely beautiful. The world needs more women who are most truly themselves, not carbon copies of other women.

17. There’s a Fine Line Between Being Honest and Being Rude. Never Confuse the Two.
Some women believe they must speak their mind all the time, and they will get what they deserve no matter what. Be honest, yes, but be gracious. Know when it’s better to not say anything at all rather than claim your right to honesty. But know when it’s important to speak up for the truth in a firm manner.

18. Be Humble – Have an Attitude of Gratitude
A grateful lady is one who knows everything in this life is a gift and that she truly deserves none of it. A grateful lady spreads an atmosphere of joy instead of weighing others down with negativity. A grateful lady lives a life that gives away instead of always sucking life out of others. Be a joy-giver, not a life-sucker.

When it comes right down to it, classiness is an attitude – a way of approaching life. It exudes from a person because of the way they live their life on a day-to-day basis, which is why it doesn’t fade away after a few decades. It’s an appreciation for art and beauty, high morals and standards, education and intellect, and leaving the world a better place.

Classiness is that stamp of timelessness and uniqueness that attracts us to people we remember.

And I … I would so much rather be remembered – if only by my children and grandchildren – as a classy lady who lived for more than herself than as a trendy woman who lived with the times and satisfied her own indulgences.

This is my prayer – to live my life as a poem of elegance, grace, and style – in praise to the Author who paints the world around us with such elegance, grace, and style. May I just be His reflection – and nothing else.

One thought on “A Ladies’ Guide to Keeping it Classy, Part II

  1. These are little bookmarks of life that we ladies should keep on hand, or better yet memorized. Lovely post Lydia! Thank you for elaborating on and staying true to womanhood.


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