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Home – Where the Love Light Gleams

30 x 30 Goal #1 – Move out into my own apartment/house

It has now been a solid two months since I have been living on my own in this apartment I’ve lovingly dubbed “The Wee Little Nestie” – and I love it dearly. Long have I dreamed of the day when I could decorate according to my will, have friends come over for movie nights, cook meals of my choosing, and have more than a small back room to put all of my “stuff.” And the time has finally come.

I dreamed – and wrote about – creating a safe haven in my home – a place where people automatically felt welcome and comfortable. I desired to make a space that was brimming with personality, that mirrored my loves and interests, and that told of the story of my life in every nook and cranny. I didn’t want just an apartment to put stuff or a place to land in between my times elsewhere [although sometimes it seems like the latter is far too often the case!]. I wanted a home – a place of belonging and comfort in the midst of a world that can be cruel and hurtful.

And while my little apartment might not be all of that just yet, it’s hopefully begun down that path. I’ve had such fun picking out furniture and decorations, kitchen accessories, and everyday necessities. I’ve made sure the tea corner is always stocked, the air freshener always plugged in, and the candles ready to be lit. And while I do agree that maybe I’m a little overeager in my desire for hospitality, in the process, I’ve created a place of comfort for myself.

I told my sister the other day on the phone – “Isn’t it nice to have a place that you look forward to coming at the end of a long day?” I do personify things all too often, but it seems that my home and I know each other so well already, and it awaits me eagerly after long days of teaching.

I love the bay windows in my dining room, so perfect to let in morning sunshine as I finish my tea or read my Bible. I love the familiar routine of washing dishes in the evening, then making a cup of chai as I sit down to grade. I even love traditions such as lighting candles for dinner every now and then or making pumpkin spice toast to eagerly enjoy over an episode of “Once Upon a Time” on my comfy couches. In all of the every day – whether it’s dusting on Saturdays, making pizza on Wednesdays or napping on Sundays – life has gained a new rhythm and pulse and it’s beautiful to my soul.

Perhaps you’re wondering – doesn’t she ever get lonely?? Of course – everyone does from time to time. That’s why I call my sisters or go to Mom & Dad’s for dinner every so often. But just because you’re alone doesn’t always mean you’re lonely. I happen to enjoy my own company quite a bit, and don’t mind living life in this way. In fact, after a day spent with 20+ children, the quietness of my own home is a rather welcome relief! But there is almost always a music soundtrack to keep me company [either from my own Pandora station or from my neighbor’s thumping bass below me! Believe me – I prefer the former] … and there are plenty of get-togethers with friends to remind me of how full my life truly is.

Home is something I believe in with all my heart. I believe in being intentional about creating a home – it doesn’t just “happen.” I believe that home – a place to truly live, relax, create, and build relationships with others – has been replaced too often in our culture with houses – places to stop by, fill with stuff, and show off. I pray that my home never becomes that … that instead, it can be used for God to shine His light into people’s lives with love and welcome.

So believe me when I say I want you to come over and visit! I may have a busy life as a first-year teacher, but if you tell me that you want to come see me in the Wee Little Nestie, I will absolutely put it on the calendar and open the door wide for you. The love light is gleaming for you, friend. Come be at home with me – and we can share life together.

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