Pandora's Box

The Princesses No One Ever Told a Story About

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved happy endings. She loved dressing up in pink dresses and having her hair curled. She innocently believed the fairy tale movies which promised that the prince would always come and that there would always be a wedding. Her dreams were star-studded with carriages, moonlit kisses, and happily ever afters.

But no one ever told her that not all princesses have the same story.

Some princesses don’t wait in a tower, in a garden, or in a glass box – they are out slaying their own dragons and seeking their own adventures because the prince never showed up.

Some princesses do fall in love – but not with the person they are meant to spend the rest of their lives with.

Some princesses read books and explore learning and are vastly curious about the world.

Some princesses cry themselves to sleep at night.

Some princesses are called to do hard and holy things alone – but with the strength that only comes from the King of Kings.

Some princesses stop waiting for dreams to come true and start working hard to make them happen.

Some princesses don’t have a ring on their finger, but they have a ring of joy in their hearts because they know they are doing what they were made to do.

Some princesses are weak and wholly human and let their cracks show.

Some princesses pour their lives out unto love – they look around them and ask, “What can I do to change the world?” – and then they set about doing it.

Some princesses fall in love with a cause or a passion – and they fill their life with it.

Some princesses don’t get kissed – but they are held by the hands that hold the stars together.

Some princesses aren’t meant for a traditional love story, but they never stop believing that such things are beautiful and created by the God of the universe – the Author of all love stories.

Some princesses don’t get stories told about them – but they go out there and write beautiful stories with their lives.

And every day the Father draws these princesses closer to His heart, and whispers His undying love in their ears.

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