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Have You Been Feeling Judgey Lately?

Just stop with the judgments, self.

Stop with the comparisons.

Stop with the mental sighs of irritation and impatience over others’ flaws, sins, and quirks.

Stop with the holier-than-thou mentality that convinces yourself you’re not as bad as them.

Stop with the hierarchies that put some people as sub-par and others as supreme.

Stop with the hardening of your heart.

Stop with the focus of comfort and avoidance of awkwardness.

Stop trying to prove that you’re so great.

And start seeing the world a little more empathetically.

Start having patience with the sins of others as you would want them to be patient with you (and your judginess).

Start listening to get their side of the story.

Start gripping Christ tighter so that His love spills out of your limited understanding.

Start clinging to the Word when you have no other feelings but dislike.

Start drowning out the lies of superiority with the truth of your condition without Christ – dead and lost.

Start being broken alongside of people instead of falsely perfect above them.

Start softening your heart by seeing the possibilities in others.

Start leaning into the awkwardness as opportunities to seek Christ more.

Fix your eyes on the cross and all the petty judgements will start to fall away.

This is my call – for I have a calloused heart that needs the judgey thoughts to be stripped away.

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